35th Writer in Residence at Saskatoon Public Library

Here’s some news… I am the 35th Writer in Residence at Saskatoon Public Library; my term runs from 1 September 2015 until 31 May 2016. Some very big shoes to fill, including some of my favourite Canadian writers! Guy Vanderhaeghe, Yann Martel, Anne Simpson, Patrick Lane… these are just a few of the writers who have preceded me in this chair. Humbling, oh yes.

In addition to consultations with other writers, a good part of the Writer in Residence’s time is devoted to writing. This morning, during my walk with my dog [his idea of a walk is to gallop, wild-cannon-like, through the fields while I walk, tea in hand and rather more sedately, along the driveway, observing the waterfowl], I think I originated an interesting idea for a new writing project for my library term. I want tannins, backbone, edginess, a little roughness around the edges, from an idea in early stages. This one needs time to ferment a bit, but I am hopeful.

My WIR office hours:

Tuesday, 10 Am – 6 PM.

Wednesday, 12:30 Pm- 9 PM.

For the duration of my SPL Residency, to book an appointment, please contact me directly at d.hobsbawnsmith [at] saskatoonlibrary [dot] ca or call my SPL direct line at 306.975.7598.

I’ll see you at the library!

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