Literary books

Slow living is never more relevant than when writing. I began writing poetry in 2005. Bad poetry, admittedly. Billy Collins, the former US Poet Laureate who has been called the class clown of poetry, famously said that he had six hundred bad poems he had to write until he got them out of his system. No mater how many poems it takes, learning the craft of writing poetry takes time and a lot of ink. And paper in the circular file. It keeps me humble, that each time I sit down to write, I am beginning again at the beginning.

Stories, too. Narrative arc, action as driven by a character and what she desires. When I first showed what I hoped was going to be a story to my writer friend Cathy Ostlere, she kindly said, “This is a fragment, dee. It belongs in a story, but it isn’t a story. Yet.” How you learn.

A novel in progress.

Essays, creative nonfiction underway.


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