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  1. Hi Dee
    I am the owner of Wow Pizza in Saskatoon. We are locally owned and starting a second store in Feb 2021. Starting tomorrow we launch a anonymous campaign releasing clues to what’s coming new to Saskatoon leading into unveiling the new store, brand and location.

    I am seeking some help to get the word hour for small businesses who have used creative ways to survive and grow.

    A blog or an article could be of big help to us. Please advise if so can send you a teaser of the campaign by email or connect with you over phone or in person to tryout our offering and discuss if you can include a blog or article on SMALL BuSinesses and survival during COVID.


    • Hi Sanjay, My apologies for the delay – I am not very vigilant about checking and responding to comments. Your idea is good, and i would be happy to discuss. Track me down by email – it’s in my contact info. We can talk. good luck! dee


  2. Audrey Reti

    Tried your ‘potato’ soup in the March issue…fabulous!! I did substitute 1/2 cup of white wine with 2tbsp. of white wine vinegar…seemed OK! We all loved it…thanks so much, enjoyed reading your article too. Nice to see someone who has a great command of English…so refreshing in this day and age…I sound ‘old’ don’t I?! I’m a retired farm wife now living in the city, and I actually am missing the peace and quiet of my rural life. That’s why I still read the Grainews…also share it with my 99 year old Mom sometimes😉


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