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  1. Hi Dee
    I am the owner of Wow Pizza in Saskatoon. We are locally owned and starting a second store in Feb 2021. Starting tomorrow we launch a anonymous campaign releasing clues to what’s coming new to Saskatoon leading into unveiling the new store, brand and location.

    I am seeking some help to get the word hour for small businesses who have used creative ways to survive and grow.

    A blog or an article could be of big help to us. Please advise if so can send you a teaser of the campaign by email or connect with you over phone or in person to tryout our offering and discuss if you can include a blog or article on SMALL BuSinesses and survival during COVID.


    • Hi Sanjay, My apologies for the delay – I am not very vigilant about checking and responding to comments. Your idea is good, and i would be happy to discuss. Track me down by email – it’s in my contact info. We can talk. good luck! dee


  2. Audrey Reti

    Tried your ‘potato’ soup in the March issue…fabulous!! I did substitute 1/2 cup of white wine with 2tbsp. of white wine vinegar…seemed OK! We all loved it…thanks so much, enjoyed reading your article too. Nice to see someone who has a great command of English…so refreshing in this day and age…I sound ‘old’ don’t I?! I’m a retired farm wife now living in the city, and I actually am missing the peace and quiet of my rural life. That’s why I still read the Grainews…also share it with my 99 year old Mom sometimes😉


  3. Hello, dee,

    My name is Lindsay Wincherauk. I’m an author residing in Vancouver.

    I have posted my thoughts on Bread + Water on my website + Goodreads + Amazon + Instagram.

    I’m sharing them with you here:

    How did the book make me feel/think?

    I turned 61 this July. OMG. At the start of Covid, my lengthy career had been subtracted from my life as greed + entitlement placed me on the chopping block and fired me out into the aether, forcing a late (mid) life reinvention. Fortunately for me, I write. At 61, my life experiences are all I have—I must share them.

    Thankfully, Hobsbawn-Smith has chosen to share as well. A remarkable thing happens when you aren’t born into privilege and entitlement—you must become well-rounded. It torments you from time to time as it can feel rudderless, but it’s not.

    “Bread + Water” is a collection of essays from Hobsbawn-Smith’s life, but it’s not; it’s much more. It is a memoir inviting readers into a life full of love, challenge, understanding, kindness, and hope. It shares Hobsbawn-Smith’s beautifully visceral vulnerability, with the words singing off every page with her effortless command of vocabulary, not a single word out of place. With each page turned, whether riding in the vestibule of a railcar or searching for a beloved pet, I could not help but feel I was inside the page myself. When the author writes about food, I swear I could smell the aromas wafting from the pages, causing my mouth to water.

    Mothers nurture us, nourish us, and help us become who we are, but in a misogynistic-ally conditioned world, must overcome much, at one time allowed to be cooks, not chefs—unfair, cruel, needing to change by starting a dialogue.

    I thank Hobsbawn-Smith for sharing her journey, in this glorious story with love emanating every step, run, ride, along the way.

    I turned 61 in July. Hobsbawn-Smith and I are in the same demographic as we drive down the grid roads of life, tires crackling, what’s behind us simmering in the rear-view mirror is a warm broth as we reduce the regret and work toward reinventing whatever comes next, trying to make the world a little better along the way.

    I am not a good cook or even a cook at all, but I leave the author an open invitation to dine with me the next time she’s in Vancouver. I’ll try; all she has to do is enjoy. I’m no James Barber.

    “Bread + Water” will leave readers, all readers, pondering what matters in life: love, kindness, humanity, and the necessity to respect the planet we are revolving on together.

    WRITTEN: October 29, 2021

    Warm Regards,



  4. Lauren Mitchell

    Do you teach beginning writers? I’ve been struggling for 2 years attempting to organize and write a memoir that answers the argument, “Life is full of anxiety, fear and survival until you feed your famished brain.” Gritty life rules learned in dysfunctional family of origin, thankfully, propelled me to uncover a genetic disorder that was easily fixed with micronutrients.


    • Hi Lauren, I have taught creative writing to beginning and emerging writers, yes. But am not doing so at present. The best advice I can give you: READ! Then join a writing group, attend a class or workshop, revise your work. There are good workshops and classes in all provinces, often in affiliation with the local writing guild. In Saskatchewan, contact The SK Writers Guild, in Alberta, the Writers Guild of Alberta. And keep writing. Best of luck.


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